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Content is King

The most beautiful images and the most ingenious use of color will only take your web pages so far. The most important facet of any good web page is good content.

After all…Content is King

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you are writing your web copy.

    1. Start at the end:
      Invert the story pyramid and put your conclusion first. Be quick to the point and get your most important content in the first few sentences.
    2. Don’t forget the list:
      Numbered lists, bullet lists, alpha. lists; they are all easy to read.  Break up the monotony for your reader and convert a paragraph or two into bullets.
    3. Link it to me:
      Strategically place a link in the middle of a chunk of copy.  This will help bring the reader’s attention to the paragraph and gives them something to click.
    4. One thing and one thing only:
      Help your readers understand your page better. Keep the paragraphs simple and only talk about one point or idea at a time.
    5. Oops…I didn’t mean to do that:
      Avoid the oops es and proof read your stuff. Run a spell check, read it out loud and backwards to make sure you’ve made no mistakes.

About K E R N girl

I am a graphic designer, instructor, and crafter with an eye for detail and a love of all things printing, type and felt.


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