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Content is King

The most beautiful images and the most ingenious use of color will only take your web pages so far. The most important facet of any good web page is good content. After all…Content is King Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you are writing your web copy. Start at the end: … Continue reading

Add Facebook “Like” Buttons To WordPress Blog Without Using Plugins | Globinch

WordPress Facebook like button or the Facebook share button on your WordPress blog will definitely improve your website or blog’s popularity. Facebook is the leading Social Network service with millions of people are active members. Thousands are joining every day. If you are a blog or website owner, then you can make use of Facebook … Continue reading

Categorically Tag Me

A built in feature of all blog tools including Word Press is tagging. As you author each post, you have the option to apply a tag. A tag is a word or set of words that are used to describe your post. Often, bloggers apply tags that they think the masses will type in to … Continue reading

Getting Started with WordPress « WordPress Codex

Getting Started with WordPress « WordPress Codex. Our first assignment will be to create our own blog using WordPress. You can access all of the info you need on how to get started at the link above! Now get pressing 🙂

4 Tips for Blogging Success

1. Blog Often — Make new content available to readers on a regular basis. Readers want fresh posts and will loose interest quickly. 2. Love Your Topic — Choose to write about something you really love. Write about something that gets you energized, excited and just plain happy. If you enjoy writing your blog, others … Continue reading