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How Technology Is Powering Academic Success [Infographic]

If today’s students are using new technology as a tool for academic success, what do you suppose will happen once those students graduate? Will they want to engage in business pursuits the same way? Will they expect to do work from wherever the are? Will performance evaluations no longer happen face-to-face but rather virtually through the company’s … Continue reading

What happens to your social media account when you die?

Google allows users to dictate what happens to their accounts when they die. Would you want to leave your account with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe you’d like your parents to have access to your online photos. The Chicago Tribune reports on google’s “inactivity” policy. http://my.chicagotribune.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-75548034/

“It’s more important than ever for brands to project their value.Marketers in general understand the need for consistency in color and design. But it’s also vital to move beyond the standard logo and tagline and take a holistic approach to evoking emotions among potential customers across all of your marketing channels — including social media … Continue reading

How Social Media After the Boston Bombing Can Be a Recipe for PTSD – Rebecca Greenfield – The Atlantic Wire

How Social Media After the Boston Bombing Can Be a Recipe for PTSD – Rebecca Greenfield – The Atlantic Wire.

The Best Thing to Ever Happen to the Internet…

…simply stated is, TED. For those of you who haven’t met TED yet, let me introduce you. Ted is a nonprofit that was started in 1984  with the goal of sharing ideas and creating connections between people around Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TED’s motto: Ideas Worth Spreading. Each year TED hosts 2 global conferences: on on the … Continue reading

That’s the Best Blog Headline I’ve Ever Read!

Grabbing a visitor’s attention is them most important part of blog writing. The title you write is the face of your post and in my opinion is more important the the photo(s) you choose to accompany your words. Check out the post How to Write a Headline for Your Blog That Will Knock People Out With Its Sheer … Continue reading

What Type of Social Networking Personality Are You?

What Type of Social Networking Personality Are You?  

Facebook in 2013: More Growing Pains Ahead

Find out what Mashable contributor Chris taylor has to say about Facebook in the new year. Facebook is a roller-coaster ride. We’re thrilled and horrified by the switchbacks, but we’re invested. The network is too massive to ignore. No getting out until the ride has come to a complete halt.  Read Chris Taylor’s full post.

Syllabus and Assignment Instructions Available on myLesley

If you have a question about an assignment or a class policy, first try finding the answer on your own. All the information you need is on myLesley.

Tech Firm Implements Employee ‘Zero Email’ Policy – ABC News

Tech Firm Implements Employee ‘Zero Email’ Policy – ABC News.